An Evidence Based Approach to Bladder Health – Webinar, 7 CECs with CMTBC

Join me via Zoom Video Conferencing in this one day course. We will be covering the topic of bladder health. This includes person centred interventions and management strategies for incontinence and bladder pain syndrome (interstitial cystitis).

Approved for 7 CECs for Cycle 12 & 13 with the CMTBC

An Evidence Based Approach to Massage Therapy – In Person, 14 CECs with the CMTBC

This is not another pain science course!  The focus of this 2 day workshop will be to explore touch and movement modification within an evidence based framework.  Participants will gain the confidence and skills to embrace curiosity, explore different touch and movements in a non-structured way that can optimise the comfort of both clinician and patient while enhancing therapeutic outcomes. Every popular course needs a good acronym!  We jokingly call this TPN (Touch People Nicely).

We want to challenge the status quo because massage therapy does not need to be complicated!  Our desire is for participants to gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to realize that massage therapy can be the leading profession in MSK treatment and rehabilitation.

An Evidence Based Approach to Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Organ Prolapse – In Person

A 2 day live course exploring the role RMT’s play in managing people living with Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. This course is designed to give participants more confidence with person centred approaches to assessment, treatment and management that is within scope of practice.

*Please note, this is largely a movement focused course. Some manual strategies will be explored, but the research is very clear on how movement is the best conservative line of intervention for this population. Manual interventions cannot “fix” these conditions and although are a part of the course, are not emphasized or the focus of this course.

Date, Time, Location and Price TBA upon approval from CMTBC

A Modern Approach to Persistent Pelvic Pain Syndrome – In Person

A full package course that includes management of persistent pelvic pain conditions in people with penises! From interviewing, assessment, treatment and home care, this course will give participants more confidence in navigating interventions, and treatment plans with this population. This course is intended to create a safe space for therapists to explore challenging topics and over come barriers professionals may face with managing this population.

Date, Time, Location and Price TBA upon approval from CMTBC

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