The Pelvic RMT

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Hi, I’m Jocelyn Kirton. I’m a Registered Massage Therapist passionate about bringing evidence based education around pelvic health to the massage profession.

About Me

I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2013 with a focus in pelvic health. Unfortunately, the management of this population is under served as dealing with my own pelvic problems exposed me to the holes in pelvic pain management within the massage therapy profession. However, it also showed me the great potential RMTs have to serve this population. I intend on building upon our potential and propelling us in an evidence based direction.

My immediate goal is to inform the profession on how we can help anyone with pelvic concerns address them with modern, evidence based approaches to management and interventions.

My long term goal is to advocate for the massage profession to be recognized by other health care providers as a safe, non invasive and alternative intervention for people with pelvic health concerns.

All of my courses take a person-centred approach at the foundation of care. Research is calling for musculoskeletal health care clinicians to address care with a biopsychosocial lens and I believe RMTs are best set up to implement this into our practices.

I’m excited to show you how!

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